Offense sells tickets, defense wins games

About Us

DE-FENSE Sportsholds the exclusive intellectual property rights to the D-FENCE DESIGN© (the letter "D" and fence design, U.S. Copyright Office registration #TXu000633843, dated May 19, 1994) as well as variations and derivatives of such commonly used in marketing and promotions at professional, collegiate, high school and other sporting events.

In addition, a number of related marks such as D-Fence Sports, D-Fence, the D-Fence logo and tag design are Trademark of DE-FENSE Sports™. The sports related derivatives D-FENSE and DE-FENSE used for cheering and crowd motivation as well as the "Offense sells tickets, defense wins games" phrase are are also Trademark of DE-FENSE Sports™. 

Our product offerings range from hand held cheering devices, t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, hats, eye black, temporary tattoos, pennants, flags, jewelry, mouse pads, coffee mugs and various other novelties.

In addition, DE-FENSE Sports facilitates the licensing of the D-FENCE DESIGN© and associated Trademarks to professional as well as collegiate football, basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball and other sports teams for use in their respective stadiums or arenas.

If you are a professional or collegiate team, stadium/arena operator or other entity and desire additional information on licensing for use by your team, in your stadium or within your product marketing efforts please contact us.